Are you designing a new airport? If so, you will want to include Powered Aire Air Curtains.

Air curtains create a laminar airflow that is projected over the opening of a doorway. This “curtain” of air acts as an invisible barrier that won’t let other air flow through it. Conditioned air from the inside of the door that would normally escape when the door is opened is instead diverted back inside when it hits the wall of air.

The air seal also keeps outside air from entering. This can be beneficial for several reasons: It can lower heating and cooling costs, stop insects from entering, and keep airborne particles and contaminants out of a particular area.

Powered Aire has several different types of air curtains for your application. An airport for example, could benefit from either an Exposed Air Curtain or an In-Ceiling Air Curtain, and could be used in several different locations throughout an airport.



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