Room Air Purifiers are becoming a necessity these days. Now, we have options! Both, Camfil and Price Industries have Room Air Purifier options to help improve indoor air quality and help keep us safe. Check out below what we have to offer.

Camfil offers the City M Air Purifier. It has particulate and molecular filters that deliver a healthier indoor environment by removing dust, contaminants, odors and harmful particles. Price Industries has the new RAP (room air purifier). It is designed to conitnuously cycle air through a HEPA filter eliminating unwanted dust, germs and contaminants. It also offers options that include a UV-C light or BIpolar Ionization.

These room air purifiers are IDEAL for schools (front office, nurse station, library, cafeteria), waiting areas, retail stores, office buildings, and much more. Jorban-Riscoe currently has the City M Air Purifiers in stock.

Learn more about the City M here.

Learn more about the Price RAP here.

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