Accurex – A Greenheck Company

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems and controls, fire suppression, residential range hoods, make-up air units, DOAS

VAV diffusers, thermally actuated diffusers

Specialty diffusers

Custom air handling units specializing in SiteBilt® for retrofit and tight access applications

Destratification fans

Ozone Generators for Grease Duct

Airflow measurement solutions including differential pressure and thermal dispersion measurement, outdoor air measurement systems

Venturi valves, room pressure monitor, room pressure controls for lab, healthcare and pharmacy applications

Continuous indoor air quality monitoring systems creating healthier, more efficient buildings

Gas detection and monitoring systems (CO, refrigerants, CO2, NO2,VOC)

MERV HEPA and carbon filters, containment systems, frames and housings, bag-in/bag-out housings, fan filter units, room air purifiers, dust collectors

Ventilation products for vehicle exhaust, welding fume removal and dust collecting, metal and wood dust collectors

Custom fabric systems designed for hundreds of applications (gymnasiums, pools, data centers, grow facilities, etc.)

Variable frequency drives, motor starters and multi-stage packaged pumps

Dedicated Outdoor Air (DOAS), fan arrays and replacements, overhead fans (HVLS), kitchen ventilation systems, energy recovery, make up air, lab exhaust systems, bath fans, dampers, louvers, duct heaters, custom coils, fan coil units, gravity ventilators

Innovative solutions for the suspension of mechanical and electrical systems

Sheet metal accessories, spiral pipe and non-gasketed fittings (spot welded, fully welded, double wall, Galv., alum., stainless steel and PVS)

Industrial packaged chillers, brewery and distillery chillers, industrial condensing units and rental chillers

Automatic and manual valves, strainers and hoses

Access doors (drywall and fire rated), roof hatches

Natural ventilation cooling solutions warehouses, data centers, manufacturing, power generation, CFD analysis, and more

Desiccant dehumidification, data center, food process, low dew point applications, evaporative humidifier/coolers

Gas, steam, and electric humidifiers (commercial and industrial), electric duct heaters, actuators and control valves, HVAC controls

HVAC flow and energy measurement for water, steam and gas applications

Roof support systems for piping, ductwork, equipment and platforms

Rental equipment, desiccant dehumidifiers, DX units, chillers and cooling coils, indirect-fired heaters, electric heaters, filter modules

Commercial and industrial air curtains with electric heat, hot water heat, indirect gas heat, and unheated

Air distribution devices, terminal units, chilled beams, underfloor systems, displacement air ventilation, fan filter units, operating room ceiling systems, room air purifiers, fan and blower coils, controls, VAV diffusers, CFD analysis

Silencers, plenums, acoustical enclosures and louvers, acoustical analysis

Hazardous location heaters, unit and wall heaters, wall convectors, architectural sill line, ceiling and cove, baseboard, electric infrared

Hazardous location heaters, unit and wall heaters, wall convectors, architectural sill line, ceiling and cove, baseboard, electric infrared

Positive pressure chimney systems, pre-fabricated grease duct, draft inducer fans

Custom air handling units, direct and indirect fired make up air units, grow facility air handling units

Metal and wood dust collectors

Pre-Insulated indoor and outdoor rectangular, round and oval ductwork, ThermaRound, Floval, KoolDuct, InSpiralR

Flexible ductwork, FlexaBoots, FlexFlow elbows

Custom industrial make-up air units and air turnover units

Gas detection and monitoring systems (CO, refrigerants, CO2, NO2, VOC)

UV-C lights and light systems for coil cleaning and airstream disinfection, replacement UV-C bulbs

Vertical stack fan coils, water source heat pumps

Custom AHU’s for hospital OR’s, pre-packaged DX systems, energy recovery, swimming pools, DOAS units