What is TAP?

TAP is Jorban-Riscoe’s Secure Portal developed for our Customers to have real-time access to their project information. Customers have the ability to TAP into their Secure Portal to access Bid Lists, Project Progress Reports, Submittal Logs, RFI’s and Equipment Submittals.

Why is Jorban-Riscoe developing TAP?

Jorban-Riscoe has always taken pride in delivering high Customer Satisfaction. Recently we had discussions with several of our Customers to better understand the challenges they are facing. The consistent message from those discussions was project schedule requirements are faster than ever and it is critical for our Customers to have TIMELY and ACCURATE information. As a Leader in the HVAC industry, JRA is taking the PROACTIVE approach of developing TAP.

Please contact Kurt Harre at tap@jorban-riscoe.com if you would like more details on how to TAP into JRA today.